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An Easy, Efficient and Cost Effective Banking Solution

Discover an easy, efficient, and cost-effective banking solution that simplifies your financial management. Streamline your banking experience and enjoy hassle-free transactions, all while saving time and money.

Enable agents with a daily loan feature that is secure, efficient, and GPS-enabled

Experience the future of financial transactions with EeC Banking's innovative Daily Loan Feature. Designed to empower agents, it offers a secure, efficient, and GPS-enabled solution for collecting loan repayments from customers at their doorsteps.

Transforming Banking with Cloud-Based Solutions

Discover modern banking with our advanced cloud solutions, offering you convenience and security


Solutions that make a difference

EeC Banking is an Easy, Efficient and Cost Effective banking software solution that wide range of financial and operational needs of Co-Operative Societies and Financial Institutions. With five distinct modules—Core Banking, Purchase & Sales Accounting, Mutual Benefit Fund, HRMS, and Accounting—this software offers an all-in-one platform for efficiently managing various aspects of banking, accounting, and employee management.

  • Customizable Solutions
  • Integration Capability
  • Advanced Analatics
  • Reports and E-Statements
Product Highlights

Comprehensive Features of the
Plug-in Modules

Comprehensive Features of the Core Banking Module

The Core Banking module offers a broad spectrum of capabilities, encompassing Customer Management, Savings and Current Accounts, Home Safe Deposit services, Fixed Deposits, Gold Loans, Personal Loans, Consumer Loans, Hire Purchase Loans, Grahasree Loans, Daily Loans, and the Management of Various Other Bank Accounts.

Functionality of the Purchase & Sales Accounting Module

The Purchase & Sales Accounting Module efficiently handles Credit Sales and Purchase Accounting, Share Accounts, Investments in Other Institutions, Borrowing Accounts, Transaction Accounts, and generates relevant Reports.

The Mutual Benefit Fund (MBF)

The Mutual Benefit Fund (MBF) Module provides the capability to create and manage MBFs effectively, offering features such as Customerwise Ledger, an Active Group List, Loters List, Audit Schedules, Balance Statements, MBF Daybooks, and MBF Summaries.

Efficient Employee Management and Payroll Handling with the HRMS Module

The HRMS Module effectively oversees the details of both Temporary and Permanent employees, in addition to managing Payroll functionalities.

Comprehensive Financial Reporting Capabilities of the Accounting Module

The Accounting Module is equipped to generate essential financial reports, including Day Books, Ledgers, Audit Schedules, Trial Balances, Income & Expenditure Statements, and Balance Sheets

EPOS Collection Module in Daily Loan

The EPOS Collection Module simplifies the process of collecting money from customers by leveraging the ease and efficiency of EPOS machines, seamlessly integrated with the software for a hassle-free experience.

EeC Banking

Key Features

User-Friendly Interfaces

We offer intuitive navigation, clear language, and a visually pleasing design, reducing the learning curve and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Customer Support

We offer comprehensive customer support solutions to assist clients with their inquiries and concerns, ensuring a positive customer experience. Our services are dedicated to addressing customer needs and fostering strong client relationships.

Security & Encryption

EeC Banking is renowned for its outstanding quality, characterized by its strong performance, data security, and rigorous testing. It's a reliable and top-tier solution that users can trust.


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